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smart led tv under 10000

Are you searching Best smart tv under 10000, it is the most searched term on Google.

But purchasing new tv is not an easy task because many things confuse us which model you should prefer, things to consider before buying a tv, and which brand you should go With? , Important features and much more?

Don’t worry, we are here with the list of best smart tv under 10000, like our team, always do reviews of Electronic gadgets and we pull out the best ones from the list of 100s of models.

Phonespecy performs lab tests of every product. We carry out many tests, review their features and track their performance to judge which is the best performing in the competition of 100 models. I believe you will get the top smart Tv for you today after reading this Post.

eAirtec (32 inches) Smart Led tv

VW (32 inches) Smart Led Tv

LumX (32 Inches) Smart LED TV

Redmi (32 inches) Smart Led Tv

EAirtec 32 Inch | Full Hd Version

Smart Tv Under 10000 in 2022

Human is the creatures of Nature who finds comfort and entertainment on the daily basis. It is very hard to find a home that does not have a Tv now. It helps in Entertainment by every age group whether they are Kids, Mid aged or even Old age people Loves to watch TV.

Peoples have their choices from News to Music and serials, even cultural programs are also watched daily.

But nowadays Smart tv under 10000 in 2022 is available easily in the market. The term Smart Tv which is quite common nowadays is well equipped with Modern Features such as Android OS or a Brand based Smart OS, specifications like HD (High definition) even HQ (Ultra HD), Below we have provided you with the list of TOP Smart Led Tv Under 10000 in India in 2022.

Key features you should consider Before Buying Smart Tv Under 10000 :

Smart Tv is Like a Smartphone with a Tv attached or a Laptop with a Tv. Here are a few features you must look at before buying any Smart Tv Under 10000.

  • Stream Videos Online (Access to YouTube, and various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc)
  • Audio quality should be good & Stream Music Online
  • Play Games and Other Apps
  • RAM should be a minimum of 1 GB, For good performance
  • Browse Internet
  • Voice command
  • Cast Your Device (can Share your Phone or laptop screen with TV)
  • Social media Compatibility
  • Connectivity should have USB support, HDMI connection and Should have Wi-Fi

List of "Top Picked" Smart Tv Under 10000

List of Best Smart tv under 10000 in India in 2022. 🌀

eAirtec 81 cms (32 inches) | Smart LED TV

eAirtec 81 cms (32 inches) | Smart LED TV

Enjoy the Radiant Colors with Eairtec 32″ Smart Tv with android OS, supports All smart Tv features and Display quality is awesome with clear audio Output. Overall a good deal from this price range. You will love this product. The wide viewing mode offered by Eairtec and Its IPS led display to give a nice experience. Dolby Audio and 720Px Combinations enhance quality. 

  • Note:

If you want a 32 inch smart Led tv under 10000 with decent features than this one is good for you.

Key Highlights

  • 32 Inch IPS A+ Grade Panel
  • HD Ready 720P with 60 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 20 Watts Output Speakers with Surround sound and Dolby Atmos
  • Smart TV Features: Android-based OS | Screen Mirroring | In-Built WiFi | Preinstalled popular apps like Prime, Netflix, YouTube and Facebook
  • 2 USB Ports, 1 HDMI port for a gaming console or Setup box, and Monitor purposes & 1 X 3.5mm Jack.
  • Made in India
  • 4 Star Rating on Amazon

Pros :

  • Display quality is Awesome
  • Many decent features
  • Made in India

Cons :

  • Comparatively new Brand

VW 80 cm (32 inches) | Smart Led Tv

VW 80 cm (32 inches) | Smart Led Tv under 10000

Discover the World in one Box of Entertainment, VW is a new brand Smart Led Tv company but it is doing very well in the market. it has a satisfied 25 k + customers. The display quality and Box speakers throw are awesome for listening to songs and Streaming online videos with Wifi connectivity. Its Mcast apps allow you to connect your tv with your phone’s screen.

VW 32″ is equipped with Android OS along with 1 Gb RAM and 8GB ROM, which helps in running other android apps and playing games, it is the Best Smart Tv Under 10000

  • Note: 

If you want a feature loaded 32 inch smart tv than this one is good for you.

Key Highlights

  • 32 Inch HD A Grade Display
  • Android OS (Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Zee5, Sony Liv, Voot TV, Saavan, Aaj Tak, Hotstar, YouTube, Hungama PlayNetflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Zee5, Sony Liv, Voot TV, Saavan, Aaj Tak, Hotstar, YouTube, Hungama Play)
  • The display comes with IPE Technology and ECO display Mode with A Grade panel
  • Wide Viewing Angle 178 Degrees
  • Built-In Wifi, Android, Screen Mirroring, Pc Connectivity, Wireless Headphone Control, Ecod, Cast Screen Connect Via MCAST
  • 20 Watt Box Speakers (Great Audio Output)
  • 1 x HDMI, 2 X USB ports and 1 SD card slot, 
  • Wireless Headphone Control 
  • Made in INDIA
  • 1 year warranty
  • 4 star rating out of 5 on Amazon

Pros :

  • Good Audio quality
  • A grade display panel
  • Wireless headphone control

Cons :

1 year manufacturing warranty

LumX 80 cm (32 Inches) | Smart Android LED TV

Smart Tv Under 10000

LumX 80 cm (32 Inches) comes with an Edgeless panel, which gives a High Body to Display ratio and it’s 24-watt surround sound speakers Boom out the room. Android 9 (Pie), Build WIFI and Android OS increase the taste of Entertainment.

HD ready Display comes with A grade panel and Bright and sharp colours screen. Preinstall apps and games attract enthusiasts. 1 HDMI port allows gamers to add this Tv as a Gaming screen, Overall it is a good package at this amount of Money.

Its Look is premium and plenty of Decent features are offered by this Smart Tv.

  • Note:

Frameless design TV, If you want a Smart led tv with less Bezel than this one is for you.

Key Highlights

  • Frameless Tv under 10000
  • Display quality is awesome, throws perfect colours and its body to Display ratio is nice, Bezelfree screen steps it up from the competition
  • 1080px HD ready Display
  • 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI and 2 USB ports, 1 x 3.5 mm port 2 AV Input Slot, 1 RF Slot
  • Inbuilt WI-FI 
  • Android Pie and preinstalled OTT and other apps 
  • 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 24-watt speakers with Dolby Atmos and Surround Sound

Pros :

  • Premium Bezeless Design
  • Android Pie
  • Superior in sound quality

Cons :

  • New Brand

Redmi 80 cm (32 inches) | Smart Android Led Tv

Redmi 80 cm (32 inches) | Smart Android Led Tv

Redmi Smart Android Tv is one of the best Smart Tv Under 10000 it comes with latest Android 11 OS with a Powerful 64-bit Quad-core Processor, along with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage capacity. Overall this product is on top in sort of Display quality. It is above all competition as it has a Vivid Picture Engine that displays 16 M colours in-depth and details.

Its 20-watt audio output is superb for every task from listening to music to watching Movies, Redmi Smart android Tv is a perfect choice overall. It is slightly costlier so you have to increase your Budget to purchase Redmi Smart Tv as it comes under the price range of 15000 Rs. But this TV is a one-time investment and you should go with it.

  • Note:

Bestselling Smart tv in the segment, and its customer reviews is also very satisfying. we have checked it on our many tests and it beats all of them Gently. It is a Decent Deal.

Key Highlights

  • Latest Android 11 OS
  • Chromecast, Ok Google and Dual-Band WI-FI
  • 1080 Px Vivid Picture engine quality with 60 Hz refresh rate for smooth transitions.
  • Kids Mode with Parental Lock
  • 2 HDMI ports to connect a set-top box, Blu-ray players, gaming console | 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices | 3.5mm to connect your headphones | Bluetooth 5.0 to connect Bluetooth speakers, earphones and TWS earphones 
  • Android TV 11 with Chromecast built-in, PatchWall 4 with IMDb integration, 75+ Free Live Channels, Universal search, Language Universe (16+ Languages), India’s Top 10 Miracast
  • Supported Apps: Prime Video, Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, YouTube | Apple TV, 5000+ apps from Play Store, Auto Low Latency Mode

Pros :

  • Bestselling smart Led Tv
  • Preinstalled many applications
  • Highest Positive reviews from competitions
  • Android 11

Cons :

  • Few service centres in India

EAirtec 32 Inch | Full Hd Version

EAirtec 32 Inch | Full Hd Version

This Eaittec 32 inches smart tv is Full HD, and has plenty of Decent features too that justifies its price. This smart tv offers many unique and advanced features like Voice command remote, Dolby atmos, Android Oreo, powerful speakers and much more.

This Smart tv is worth for its price, But the problem is its Brand is comparatively new in the market and has less service centres.

  • Note:

Overall it is a Decent Smart tv in that budget.

Key Highlights

  • Voice Command Remote
  • 4K Ultra HD with 60 Hz refresh rate, Crystal clear quality
  • 20 Watt Audiobox sufficient for partying, RIch and Clear Dolby Atmos and surround sound. 
  • Android 8.0 (Oreo) with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Storage
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Display Color quality is Awesome, IPS DIsplay panel with Colour Enhancer and wide view angles of 178 deg.
  • 1 HDMI Port 2 USB Ports, 1 Headphone Jack, 2 AV Input Slots, 2 AV Output Slots, 1 RF Slot
  • Made In INDIA.
  • Great product at a reasonable price 
  • 4 Stars Amazon Ratings

Pros :

  • Awesome Display quality (FUll HD)
  • Made in India 
  • Audio quality is Good

Cons :

  • New brand in Market

Buying Guide for Smart Led Tv Under 10000

Thorough research about the Smart Led Tv is essential, reason thereby, the product should fulfil your all needs.


  • Size:

 Which suits more to your room, Have the perfect size from 24” to 65 inches, and the product is compatible with your furniture and with a nice view angle. You can research a complete portfolio of Smart tv under 10000 in 2022 at, we have a complete range of all types of Led’s under 10000.


  • Price:

Price is one of the Factors which always plays an important role in Purchasing any Product. Many Smart Led Tv companies in India have balanced prices and they provide good products as well. You can get features loaded and a good product under 10k.


  • Features:

Consider your needs First, which type of Use you have with your Tv, like you can go for a normal Led or a Smart one on which you can watch YouTube and other OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime as well. Whether you use your Tv for watching news only or you want nice speakers in them also for playing songs, you can expect Voice commands in Smart Led Tv. In Smart Led Tv you can browse the internet and can also play high graphics games. the new Smart Tv Under 10000 should have these all features.


  • Energy Efficient:

Most of the Tv especially Led’s almost consume energy like your ceiling Fan or even less. But it is a criterion to go through it, Read Power consumption also. 

  • Display:

Led TVs are the best as they are Budget-friendly, Modern, Bright, Bursts of Perfect colours and contrast and HD quality Displays enhances experience, HD quality increases display quality means your Tv display will be more Vivid, contrasting, sharp, and Burst perfect Colors and its refresh rate will also be fast, Display quality of Smart Tv Under 10000 should be HD.


  • Refresh rate:

 It is the number of times per second your Tv refreshes its Images, as most of the Tv’s work on 60Hz (hertz) but if you can get 120Hz it will be awesome, your videos will be smooth and the flow of the screen will be mindblowing.


  • Sound: 

Consider how many watts of speakers are installed in your Tv, and consider any product according to the big size of the speakers if you love loud music, Big speakers work in Big spaces also if you put your tv in a big living room then you need a Tv with big speakers.


  • Warranties:

Most Companies provide a claim for manufacturing Fault, replacement or repairs when Tv get fails or does not work properly. Mostly this warranty ends in 1 year, but it varies from company to company.

  •  Operating System:

 In normal Tv no special OS comes, they run on default software and are Featureless, But now Smart Led Tv’s are available with the best pricing, and they also have their self OS, most of the Big brands like Sony, Vu, Mi, and others uses Android operating system, means that they can run android apps and use the Play Store to install apps in TV. Samsung runs on Tizen OS, and LG has another platform called Smart OS but I will suggest Android as it has a huge number of apps available on it.


Now it is easy to book a Smart Led Tv at your comfort from Home. Your brand new smart Tv is completely a few clicks away from You, Book your Fully Smart Led Tv at

We have not provided any big list of 20-30 products, We are here to recommend to you the Best Products from the Crowd. Phonespecy’s team has Tested reviewed and Checked all Basic and technical Parameters of every model in the List. So you can feel free to pick up any of the products and From the Buy now button you can directly purchase that product from Amazon.

We have checked all things like quality of the product, Display, Processor, Audio output and Power Consumption, So you can choose any product from the list Above.

Led Tv is a sign of Innovation but when you talk about smart Tv, It becomes Modern generation Tv, which supports High-quality Videos, stream YouTube, can be used for Gaming, Even though It’s completely based on Android OS mostly, through which you can access to Play Store to download apps of your choice.

Here we conclude our topic of Smart tv under 10000 India 2022 and smart led tv under 10000, you can purchase any one of them from Amazon by clicking here.

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