Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500 in 2022 🔥 | List of TOP 5 Best Mechanical Gaming keyboard under 1500

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Under 1500

As technology evolving, Gadgets are also getting modern day by day. Do you remember times when everyone used normal keyboards? They were not very responsive. Now, suppose you are a performance-oriented person searching for a Reliable, fast and durable Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500. In that case, you are in the right place. is the Best platform here, you get the most legit, Genuine and trusted advice; we have helped more than 1200 peoples to get the perfect product in their price range. 

We have listed the 3 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500. All listed Mechanical keyboards are well checked and tested, and our team has done more than 20 tests on each laptop to pick out the product that offers the best value for your money.

We have tested more than 13 products to pull out the TOP 3 keyboards for you.


I have also provided you with a buying guide which will give information and inform you of the Factors you should consider when purchasing a new Mechanical keyboard worth 1.5k in 2022.

Let’s jump to the List of TOP 3 Mechanical Keyboards Under 1500 in 2022.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500

Quantum QHM9850

HP GK100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cosmic Byte Vanth

Live Tech F5 | Mechanical Feel

Quantum QHM9850 Mechanical Gaming keyboard

Quantum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Under 1500 in 2022

Key Highlights

  • B23 Blue mechanical switches
  • LED lighting with Rainbow effects
  • 20 modes to adjust Lighting
  • 1-meter cable length
  • Built quality is awesome
  • Spill-proof
  • 1-year warranty

Quantum QHM9850 is a wonderful Mechanical Gaming keyboard,

If you are searching for the Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500 in 2022, Quantum QHM9850 is a Fantastic option for you.


This Keyboard offers B23 switches; their performance is wonderful, and the keys are Swappable also. The input delay and Input register time of this Mechanical Gaming keyboard are zero. It just reacts to what you do.


The led backlit Keyboard is wonderful. It comes with a Rainbow effect that enhances the beauty of this Keyboard. It offers 20 adjustable light modes, which gives the Keyboard wonderful looks and illumination. You can adjust the Lighting as your will.


The built quality of this gaming keyboard is nice, we have played few games on this Keyboard, and we feel zero lag and good performance.


The key grip and precision are wonderful. If you type a lot on your laptop, you will love this Keyboard. Its clicky key response and key grip together meet your goals of fast typing with accuracy.


  • Note:

Finding the perfect mechanical keyboards under this price segment is hard.

Still, If you are searching for the perfect Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500 in 2022, Quantum QHM9850 is one of the Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500 in 2022.

Pros :

  • Performance is Fantastic
  • Switch feel is awesome

Cons :

  • The cable is not braided.

HP GK100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HP GK100 Mechanical keyboard

Key Highlights

  • Wonderful Arc design
  • Mechanical switches
  • 4 LED indicators
  • Decent performance
  • Windows key lock
  • Gaming Chipset
  • 3 years warranty

HP is a big brand, and it has been offering wonderful products in the market for Decades; the products of HP are reliable, durable and last long.

We have tested HP GK100 wired Mechanical Gaming keyboard; the dimensions were 43.6 x 12.9 x 3.7 cm, and it was like 810 gm in weight. The Keyboard was very well in performance, and its switch response is wonderful. The input register time was minimal.

We have tested this Keyboard over many Games; The feel was good, and its RGB lighting enhances the Gaming Vibe. This Keyboard comes with 4 LED indicators, and its RGB backlit is mind-blowing, come back to Gaming performance, the keyboard performance is Decent, and it offers a wonderful response while Gaming.

The Keyboard comes with Mechanical switches that react very well and feels clicky, The key grip was also fantastic. 

If you are searching for the Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500, this will be a nice option.

  • Note:

This Keyboard is a wonderful product in this price range, we have tested it a lot, and we have nothing bad to say about the quality and performance of this Mechanical Gaming keyboard.

If you are searching for a perfect Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500, you should definitely shortlist this model.

Pros :

  • Matt finish the key surface
  • Nice Mechanical switches

Cons :

  • Built quality should be improved

Cosmic Byte Vanth Mechanical Keyboard with under 1500

Cosmic Byte Vanth Mechanical Keyboard

Key Highlights

  • Full-Size Keyboard (104 keys)
  • Outemu Blue switches
  • Double-shot colour keycaps
  • LED backlit with 8 Gaming modes
  • 20 Modes to adjust lighting Speed and brightness
  • Anti-Ghosting feature
  • 1-year warranty

Cosmic Byte is a Gaming industry-based Brand; it offers plenty of options in Mechanical and Gaming keyboards too!

The cosmic Byte Vanth Mechanical keyboard comes with Outemu key switches, which are too good for typing and Gaming. The key response is mind-blowing and has a very low input register time. The experience and feedback of using this Keyboard were better than all other competitors. 

The Keyboard is Full-size with 104 keys. The dimension of this Keyboard is ‎43 x 12 x 3.7 cm, and it is 670 grams in weight. The options to select between Full keys anti-ghosting or 6 keys anti-ghosting mode

The LED-backlit was awesome, and it comes with 20 modes. The keyboard lighting’s brightness and speed can be adjusted by the user.

Overall, Cosmic byte Vanth is an Awesome Mechanical Gaming

keyboard, and one of the Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500 in 2022.

  • Note:

Suppose you are seeking the Best Keyboard Under 1500 in 2022 for the Best Gaming performance and wonderful typing experience. In that case, this model will be the perfect option for you.

Pros :

  • Keyboard feedback was awesome
  • Anti-Ghosting can be switched

Cons :

  • Cable is non-braided

Live Tech F5 Mechanical Feel Keyboard

Live Tech F5 Keyboard

Key Highlights

  • Mechanical Feel Keyboard
  • Decent Built quality
  • Anti-Ghosting feature
  • Palm rest
  • LED Lighting with 6 Modes
  • Aluminium allow panel used
  • 1-year warranty

Do you have heard about Live Tech Mechanical Keyboard? 

Live tech is a brand which makes budget-friendly electrical gadgets, but it is in very few categories. But here is the thing to consider F5 model of Live tech mechanical keyboard is one of the best user-accepted and well-performing Keyboard in 2022. 


If you are searching for a Live tech Mechanical feel Keyboard, then we have found the Fake promoted live tech mechanical keyboard on AMAZON; the truth is that it does not has real mechanical switches, but it gives the feel of using a real mechanical keyboard.


The performance of this Keyboard is really well. It offers membrane keys whose response is good. This is a Full-size keyboard and comes with 104 keys. 


The built quality of this Keyboard is good, and you will hear audible clicks when pressing keys. The Keyboard has an Anti-Ghosting feature, and its RGB lighting is impressive. The Lighting has 6 modes, and all modes look wonderful.


  • Note:

If you are a fan of Live Tech Mechanical feel Keyboard and searching for the Best model, then Live Tech F5 will be the Best model for you. It will feel like using an original Mechanical keyboard, its response and feedback is lovely and you will love it.

Pros :

  • Palm rest
  • Anti-ghosting

Cons :

  • Not a real mechanical Keyboard; it just feels like that.

Guide for the Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500:

We have listed some most important factors which you should keep in mind while purchasing a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Under 1500.

  • Key switch: 

The mechanical Keyboard is special because it has separate mechanical switches for each key. These switches are very reliable many companies offer up to a few million clicks warranty.

These switches make mechanical Keyboards reliable and durable. Most Gamers make very rough and hardcore using mechanical keyboards, but they act wonderfully.

 Majorly 3 kinds of switches that come in mechanical keyboards: Red, Blue and Brown. They all have their separate areas of expertise. 

  • RGB Lighting:

If you are searching for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Under 1500, then it should be your priority to get RGB lighting because it enhances the Gaming feel and also motivates you to hit the goal. 

Lighting makes your mood always and helps you not to be bored.

In our list of  Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500, mostly all keyboards offer RGB Lighting.

  • Built Quality:

Mechanical keyboards are all about built quality. If you are searching for a mechanical Keyboard, then it is sure that you are going to use it at extreme levels.

But don’t worry, all listed Best Keyboard Under 1500 have top-quality mechanical switches, and they are made of high-quality components, which make these keyboards outstanding from their competition.

  • Software:

Most mechanical keyboards come with software for further customization. Check if your shortlisted Keyboard has software or not.

Many keyboards have commands to customize their Lighting, so you can go with them also.


I was using my Dell keyboard for typing and Gaming, but it was not that responsive and not meeting my demands, and it sometimes lags too! Then I decided to move to Mechanical Keyboard. The decision of my helped me a lot, and now I am a pro at computer Gaming and typing.


The Typing feel of Mechanical keyboards is fantastic, their clicky switches help you to type more accurately and precisely. If you are into Gaming, then also you should give a try to mechanical keyboards. They help a Lot.


If you are seeking the Mechanical Keyboard Under 1500 or Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Under 1500 (1.5k) in 2022, then we hope you liked this article.

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