Best 32 Inch Smart Tv Under 10000 in India 2022 📺💎| Get Top Tv list under 10000 (Updated)

smart led tv under 10000

If you are searching for 32 inch smart tv under 10000, then this post is for you. 💎👍 

we are here to discuss with you the Best 32 inch smart tv under 10000 and what things you should consider when buying a smart tv under this range. 📺

The market for smart TVs is growing exponentially with each passing day. This is because of the wide range of benefits that they offer over traditional TVs. These include the availability of a huge variety of channels and movies, free access to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, better picture quality, and much more.

With the advent of technology and the rising popularity of streaming services, television has undergone a massive transformation. You can stream almost anything now, which means that the cord-cutters who never watched traditional television are now cancelling their cable, satellite or fibre optic packages. ⭐

You can also use a smart TV or stream your tv with a dongle or wifi on your smart TV. There are hundreds of smart TV devices available from dozens of manufacturers, so it’s important to know what you need before you buy, which brand you should go with and what things you should consider before buying a new smart Tv?, this article covers 32 inch smart tv under 10000.

Modern smart TVs have a lot of features that people didn’t have before. With the Smart TV, you can now use the internet to watch videos, listen to music, and even shop on your television. You can also use it to control other devices in your house such as your air conditioner, lights, and fans etc.

We will provide you a Buying guide and the top smart tv’s you should go within this range. Buying a New TV is a one-time thing so you should get the best possible. This post will help you to find the best model for you. Read about smart led tv under 10000 in this post. 🔥💖


eAirtec 32” Smart Tv 

Kevin HD Ready Smart TV

Shinco Smart LED TV

Dyanora Smart Led Tv

LumX Bezel-Less Smart TV

Kodak Smart LED TV

VW (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV

VW 32 inch smart tv under 10000 with Wifi and android OS.

This VW is the best-selling 32 inch smart tv under 10000. This tv has Android OS and comes with 32 inches HD Display which enhances the Fun and its fast pixel response feels overall display smooth. This Model has 20 Watts speakers sound output, which is enough for normal usage to Little parties.

This smart Tv has many fancy features like android OS, built in wifi, Screen mirroring, Wireless headphone control, PC connectivity and Build in wifi,

VW is a Good brand, It has plenty of good reviews on Amazon, overall this android Tv has a 4.5-star rating, It is the Decent smart led tv under 10000, and it has a good sales figure on amazon.

  • Note:

If you are searching for a Decent smart tv under 10000 with great features then you should go with this Model.

Key Highlights

  • Superb Display with Lightening fast pixels,
  • 20 watts sound output
  • Wireless headphone control
  • IPE tech, Display with various modes
  • Wifi, android, screen mirroring, EcoD feature etc’
  • 2 x USB ports, 2 x HDMI ports etc
  • 1-year warranty

Pros :

  • Display quality is Awesome
  • Audio clearity is good

Cons :

  • only 1 year warranty

eAirtec 32” smart tv with smart Voice control remote

eAirtec 32” smart tv with smart Voice control remote

eAirtec is a Brand if you want a Budget 4k Ultra HD 32 inch Smart Tv. This Smart tv is good in quality and worth its price. IT comes with 20 watts speakers output which is enough for a big room.

Its IPS Display Bursts crystal clear images with a big 178* viewing angle,

It comes with android oreo with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage with a voice control remote.

  • Note:

If you are searching for a 4k 32 inch smart tv under 10000 then you should consider this model.

Key Highlights

  • 32 Inches Ultra HD 4k Display
  • 20 watts speaker audio output
  • Android Oreo (8.0)
  • 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Internal
  • 2 x USB ports, 2 x AV output and 2 x Audio input port, 1 x HDMI, 1 RF slot etc
  • Voice control remote
  •  1-year warranty (service centre)

Pros :

  • Ultra HD 4k Display panel (Awesome Clearity)
  • Superb sound quality
  • Voice control remote

Cons :

  • Android version is 8.0

Kevin (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV

Kevin (32 inches) HD Ready LED tv is one of the best 32 inches smart tv under 10000

Kevin brand offers 32 inch smart tv under 10000 with HD ready (1366×768) resolutions and a wide view angle of 178*, this smart tv has Android Based OS and has all the smart tv features like built-in wifi, M-cast, screen mirroring and web touch remote etc.

It’s an A+ Grade panel with a super slim bezel that feels premium and it offers HRDD superb Picture quality, its 20 watts sound output is good and it is good for normal use.

This model comes with a 1-year brand warranty which is valid for manufacturing defects and panels, this warranty is valid for the service centre only.

  • Note:

Good Audio and video quality is offered in this Smart tv but it is a comparitively new brand in the market.

Key Highlights

  • HD ready smart tv 
  • Android-based OS
  • Features like: Build-in wifi, web touch remote, M-cast, screen mirroring etc
  • A+ Display panel for better Display quality
  • 20 watts audio output
  • 1-year warranty

Pros :

  • Plenty of smart features
  • Android OS

Cons :

  • 1 year warranty only

Shinco (32 Inches) Smart LED TV

Shinco (32 Inches) Smart LED TV under 10000

Shinco is a good entry-level Smart tv Manufacturers they offer Android 8.0 Smart Tv with plenty of decent features like a 1366 x 768 high-resolution Display with 60 Hz refresh rate, 20-watt audio output.

It is equipped with Android 8.0 with 1 GB RAM and 8GB Internal Storage and it has a powerful quad-core processor.

This smart tv has features like, Live news, 16+ Different languages Free movies with the MovieBox app, OTA updates etc.

  • Note:

This smat tv is offering many Smart tv features but it is comparatively new brand in market.

Key Highlights

  • Smart Android Tv (android 8.0)
  • 1GB RAM | 8 GB ROM
  • 1366 x 768 High-resolution Display with 60 Hertz Refresh rate
  • A+ Grade panel with 178* Wide angle with HRDP technology
  • 2 x HDMI ports, 2 x USB ports, 1 x Output for external soundbars and speakers
  • 20 watts speakers
  • Certified apps: Hotstar, Zee5, VOOT, Sony Liv, Jio cinema, Homeveda, alt Balaji Moviebox etc (Majorly all are paid platforms)
  • 1-year warranty

Pros :

  • Many smart features
  • High resolution display
  • A+ Display panel with soundbar speakers

Cons :

  • New brand to market

Dyanora (32 Inches) Smart Led Tv

Dyanora (32 Inches) Smart Led Tv with wifi and android os

This Dynora smart tv is the smart tv which comes under the range of 12000 rupees but it is good in features and quality,

This Smart tv has a 1366 x 768 Pixel High resolutions Display with a 60 HZ refresh rate. It has 20 watts audio output which is good for normal rooms, Its panel has an IPS grade Display with 178* wide-angle and Brightness enhancement.

This Tv is based on Android pie (9.0) OS and has 1GB RAM and 8GB Internal storage.

  • Note:

Are you searching for a Smart tv with decent features and good display quality along with many preinstalled useful OTT apps then you should buy this model.

Key Highlights

  • HD ready smart tv with (1366 x 768) resolution
  • 60 Hz refresh Rate
  • Android Pie (9.0) OS
  • 1 GB RAM | 8GB Internal memory
  • 20 watts audio output
  • IPS grade panel with Brightness enhancer and Dynamic picture enhancement
  • Built-in wifi, YouTube, Disney + Hotstar, MiraCast, Prime videos and Netflix inbuilt (Most of the apps have paid access)
  • 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB ports, 1 x 3.5mm jack, 2 x AV input , 1 RF slot
  • 1-year warranty

Pros :

  • Display shows Good clearity and colours
  • Latest android Pie (9.0) installed

Cons :

  • 1 year Brand warranty

LumX (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart Android (Bezel-less design)

LumX (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart Android (Bezel-less design)

LumX is the best smart tv which has Bazel less design and looks very premium and its picture quality is also awesome,

IT has 32 inches HD Display and it runs over Android Pie (9.0) with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, it has the Biggest 24-watt speakers among all, But this Smart tv comes under the range of 12000.

  • Note:

If you are searching for a Bezel-less smart tv with premium looks then you should go with this model.

Key Highlights

  • 32” HD Smart LED TV
  • A+ Display panel with 178* wide-angle
  • Android Pie (9.0) OS
  • 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Internal memory
  • 24 watts audio output
  • Good picture quality with good colours, contrast and sharpness
  • Features like: Build-in wifi, App Store, Netflix, amazon prime videos, Youtube, Zee5 etc
  • The bezel-less design looks Premium
  • 1-year warranty

Pros :

  • 24 watts Audio output
  • Android Pie OS
  • Picture quality is awesome
  • Bezel-less Design looks premium

Cons :

  • 1 year Brand warranty only

Kodak (32 inches) Smart LED TV

Kodak (32 inches) Smart LED TV

Kodak is a well-known Brand, it is from a long time in the market, and it is known for its reliability and customer satisfaction.

This Kodak 32 inch smart led tv is certified by Android and has android OS, This smart tv has Big 24 watts audio output which is superb and it has a good Voice search function too! Its A+ grade Display panel burst perfect pictures on the screen.

  • Note:

It is a  nice smart tv under 10000 with wifi, android os and all smart tv features.

Key Highlights

  • HD Smart LED Tv
  • 1366 x 768 High-resolution Display
  • Features like: Google Play Store, Android OS, Voice search, Chromecast, Prime video etc
  • A+ Grade Display panel (High quality)
  • 24 Watts Audio output
  • Super-sleek design (Looks premium)
  • 3 x HDMI ports, 2 x USB ports etc
  • Made in INDIA
  • 1-year warranty (Service centre)

Pros :

  • Premium Design
  • Preinstalled OTT apps
  • High audio output
  • Nice Display panel is used

Cons :

  • 1 year warranty offered with service centres

Guide Before Buying 32 inch Smart Tv Under 10000

There are a few factors you should consider before purchasing a smart TV. The most important factor is the type of smart TV you are looking for. There is an Android OS Smart tv you can get in this Range. Android TVs are powered by Google’s Android operating system. 🔥🎮🎉

Android TV offers the widest range of applications, including popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video and you can enjoy numerous games from Playstore.

Screen size and sound quality also play an important role when buying a new TV.

  • Operating System:

Smart Tv should have a Responsive Operating System. This features converts normal tv into smart tv.
Smart tv is mostly based on an OS, But in this Range, you will be offered with Android Operating System which is the best. Android is easy to understand, has plenty of extra features and get Regular updates.
Android smart tv has a Play store by which you can download any app and enhance your entertainment.
In our list, we will suggest the 32 inch smart tv under 10000 with a minimum Android 8.0 OS.

  • RAM | Storage:

You should Get A Minimum of 1GB RAM and 8GB Internal storage available in 32 inch Smart Tv Under 10000 in India 2022

  • Display Quality:

Smart Tv should have good Display quality. I must say the Display should be 720p through which you can get better pictures outcomes.
Good Displays have decent and vivid Colors, Contrast, Brightness and Sharpness If the balance of these things is good then the Picture quality of the Display will be Clearer and Crisp.

  • Speakers:

Speakes are the main consideration of the TV, speakers should be audible if you are using a tv with many peoples and sometimes we need loudspeakers during times of Music and partying.
I would suggest to prefer a minimum of 20-watt speakers

  • Screen Size:

Screen size is an important factor before buying a smart tv. There are many different sizes of TVs and the size you choose will depend on your viewing distance and what you plan to use your TV for.
This post will discuss the 32 inch smart tv under 10000 in India in 2022. Screen size is determined by the viewing distance and the size of the room.

  • Warranties and Replacements:

Your new smart gadget should have a minimum of 1-year warranty and should have Good replacement policies if your TV has some issues.
Only Amazon is the store that offers Replacement for up to 10 days, But you have to claim a warranty to the nearest service centre of the company. Read more about the best smart led tv under 10000 List.


A Smart TV connects to the internet and is thus able to play online content, Smart TVs are a great alternative to the various media players and game consoles that you connect to your TV. But then again, there are many smart TVs on the market, so how do you choose the right one? 

 We have provided you the best Buying guide before buying a 32 inch smart tv under 10000  and we have suggested to you the best Smart tv models you can choose, they are the best and performing good in the market.

Here, we are concluding our topic of 32 inch smart tv under 10000 and smart led tv under 10000 in India 2022, We hope you like our topic and kindly share if you like it. (18)

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