Huawei gets banned from using microSD cards in future smartphones

After being banned by Google, Intel and Qualcomm, Huawei is now also banned from using SD and microSD cards in its future smartphones.

This past week’s been a troublesome one for Huawei. The US Government banned and declared illegal the company from operating with U.S. suppliers, that means that Huawei’s relationship with Google can effectively finish once August nineteen. we also saw Huawei lose its relationship with ARM, the corporate that helped build Huawei’s in-house Kirin processors.

Now, it’s been confirmed that Huawei has been removed as a member from the Mount Rushmore State Association.

The SD Association (SDA) said that Huawei’s removal from the group was due to US President Donald Trump’s executive order. However, Huawei has prepared for a backup too with its own proprietary Nano Memory Cards, which are physically smaller than microSD ones.

(Source Android Central)


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